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Computers for students.

Project Boom is a student-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit taking donated computers and providing them to students and families who need one.

To receive a computer request one here so we can get in touch with you.

Donate funds and devices

Why this is important

Computers have become vital to provide people access to the vast resources and educational material on the internet. This need has been only increased with COVID-19 shifting nearly everything online. In addition, there is an excess of computers being disposed of everyday while still having a use for someone else.

How we're solving this

Project Boom is working to solve this by taking donated computers and electronics and refurbish them so that they can be provided to students and families who need them.

Supporting Project Boom

Donate devices or funds to Project Boom to provide computers, and finance the parts, operating expenses, and shipping fees. On average, each computer costs $30 to refurbish and upgrade to better specifications, and to ship.

Volunteer to help Project Boom upgrade computers, raise funds, and collect computer donations from companies.

Connect your office's technology department with Project Boom to see if they can help by providing their surplus of computers.

Get in touch with us

Email (or use the form).

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Call or Text +1 (617) 579-8330

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